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As I already wrote a couple of articles ago, one of my best friend got married at the end of April. It was the civil ceremony (they are having the religious one and the big party later in October) and although it was in a very small committee (only the near family and the best-men), I definitely had to sew myself something new. First because what could be a better excuse than the wedding of one of your best friend? And second, because I just don’t own any fancy outfit so far! Yes it might seem crazy, especially when I see most of you saying on IG that you have to stop making fancy dresses and start making basics… For me it’s the other way around! When you think about it, it actually makes sense, cause when I started to sew I decided to stop buying clothes and make everything myself, so of course what I started sewing first was all the T-shirts, sweaters and jeans that I needed to replace little by little. And then I got a bit caught in this since you all know as well as I do, that the basics have to be replaced quite regularly since you use them so often (especially if you don’t have a big wardrobe like me), so every time I thought “ok now on fancy stuffs” I realized I still missed some T-shirts or sweaters. Anyway, I feel like I could still go on for ever making basics but I’m kind of tired of it so I allowed me a few “non-basic” pieces 😉

When I first planned my outfit for the wedding, I thought of making the Alix dress from By Hand London. I really liked the one Elisalex did on her IG, especially this one, so I decided to buy a nice floral viscose from Stoff & Still. Unfortunately when I received it I found the floral print was more on the granny side and I could’t picture it at all as a maxi dress like the Alix. Of course it was too late to buy some new fabric so I decided to check in my stash what I could do. I found this perfect tencel from Little Fabrics that I was saving for a Kalle shirt dress but it was more or less the only fancy option that I had so my Kalle will have to wait a bit longer 😉 Of course I didn’t had enough fabric for an Alix dress so I had to rethink that point also… At the end I decided to settle up on a new Jazz (YES I know, still Ready to Sew, but what can I say, I do sew a lot of those patterns… 🙂 ). I already made 2 Jazz before so every thing was already printed and ready and I had been seeing a lot of new Jazz popping around IG which made me want a new one!

The Jazz pattern has so many different versions that it’s almost too hard to choose one! For the wedding I decided to make a new overall but this time with sleeves. And although I really love the bohemian sleeves of Jazz I knew I wanted something a bit more covering to keep me warm (hello pictures in Paris without any jacket) and also tighter so they look a bit chicer. Luckily, Raphaelle already had my back since she made a new sleeve extension (the one from the Jane shirt) for Jazz. So all I had to do was printing this sleeve and put them on my good old Jazz. Easy peasy. Well except the moment when I though I had printed at the wrong scale for the front body and didn’t had enough fabric left and cried a little bit and then realized everything was fine (still don’t know what happened 😀 ). As I did this pattern a few time already, everything was pretty straight forward and I already knew what details I had to improve (my zipper insertion is way better now, even if it took me 3 times, it was really worth it to finally have a waist seam matching on both side 😉 ).

For the wedding I wore it with some heels of course but since I’m totally planning on wearing this again, I paired it up with my beloved sneakers for the pictures, so far I’ve always worn all of my Jazz with a belt, but I included a few pictures of it without any belt at the end so you can have an idea of how loose Jazz is. I kind of find the look without belt cool, but I’m pretty sure I will never assume it, I guess there will always be some looks I like on the others but not on me!

Right before taking this picture I also had the idea of pairing it with my vest from Burda Easy that I made a year and a half ago. I really love this vest but never worn it, cause I have nothing to pair it up with (or because the weather is never good enough or bad enough to wear it, it’s really an “in-between piece”). Well I might have finally find something (although I’m still not 100% sure, maybe it looks a bit too heavy?)! Now I just have to wait for the perfect weather for it 🙂

What are you sewing most, basics or fancy outfits? Do you have some pieces that you love but can’t find a way to wear? Do you like to try to find a way to wear your fancy outfit in a more casual way?

Cassandre V.

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