Juliette skirt from Ready to Sew

Hey Makers!

I’m back with my next make of the new collection of Ready to Sew, the Juliette skirt! I have a confession to make: I never owned a leather (or as a matter of fact pleather) skirt, probably because I’ve never been a huge skirt fan in the first place but also because as cool I found them on other people, I always had some reservations on how it would looks on me, I feel like you can go really fast on the cheap side of the force with leather/pleather… But I’ve always been adventurous (LOL) so when I saw Juliette I decided to just jump on the leather skirt train! And I think it was the best idea ’cause now I’m wondering how I did to live all this years without a leather skirt 😉 (so much exaggeration in this intro..)!

Like always with Ready to Sew, the instructions are perfect, every step is explained with a sketch and the most complicated ones even have an extra video… Really I think a beginner could do any pattern of RtS because Raphaelle always take you by the hand for every step. The only difficulty with this pattern really is to sew with leather/pleather but to be honest I didn’t have any problems, even without Teflon foot! So I guess you only need to test really how your fabric behave 🙂

Concerning the fit, I might have been lazy and did not graded at the hips as I should have (in my defence, my fabric is quite soft and elastic so I thought I could make it without grading… Spoiler alert: I couldn’t… Well live and learn right?), as a result I ended with pockets opening slightly and the lining of the pocket showing a bit. I weighted up the pros and cons a while cause I think I could have totally got away with it (like sometime I think only the Makers are according so much importance to details, so I always try to remember that a “normal” person would probably not even notice this kind of details) but at the end I thought I didn’t really needed pocket in my leather skirt cause I wouldn’t put anything in it anyway (you would directly see a bump) except for my hands maybe but I can live without pockets for my hands 😉 So I ended redoing the top stitching of the pocket through all the layers and I’m so happy I did! I think the pockets still add some interest to this style so I think it’s cool you can still see them but it looks much better like this! Anyway, long story short: always listen to Raphaelle and when she puts you at a 36 at the waist and a 38 at the hips just do the freaking grading as you’re told! 🙂 And for you fellow lazy Makers, Raphaelle added a version without pockets extra for you (and me 😀 ), so really you don’t have any excuses not to try it!

I found the pleather on Little Fabrics, mine is this one (and I realized later that it’s the exact same one Raphaelle used for her samples 🙂 ) but they have a really cool selection of pleather and suedine (might order more when I’m not in a fabric shopping ban any more). I think this fabric is really perfect for this style cause it’s a bit elastic so it makes it so comfortable to wear (and allows you to eat/drink while wearing a leather skirt 😉 ). I haven’t worn my skirt that much yet so I can’t really say how it will age but I’ll let you know for sure!

Now that I’m seeing the pictures, I realize that I might have been “slightly” influenced by this picture… 🙂 I really like to stay on the casual side with this skirt by pairing it with a basic Tee (here the Briar Tee from Megan Nielsen) and my sneakers from Good Guys. I’m wearing it as I’m writing this post and I’ll pair it with my Granite Sweater this evening, I really like the result too! I think the whole potential of the skirt is showing with your tee/sweater tucked up in it but I quite like it too with something on top (perfect when you had a drink or two already 😉 ). By seeing the picture I think I might go back to top stitch the side seams too, I think it would help the seam to stay flat (specially at the bottom) but I might be too lazy, we’ll see 🙂

Have you sewn with leather already? Are you a lazy Maker too 😉 ?

Cassandre V.

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